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Weldon Alexander Fucks Straight Bradley (no cumshots)Featuring: Bradley, Weldon AlexanderAdded 06/23/2022
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Weldon Alexander is back, and this time we are trying something very different just to see how it goes. I try to let straight dudes experiment however they are comfortable. Bradley a VERY handsome blue collar guy, loves it when his girlfriend pegs him and they've done it for a couple of years. Well Bradley wanted money, and Weldon told him about the site and how he could make some. Brings us to now, I think this straight guy might have been over confident just a bit in his penis. But his mind was definitely a good sport. He did all the things, kissing, and taking some serious dick, the only cheat he used was a little bit of anal numbing cream. That will be an important thing note later. Bradley takes Weldon's big dick, hard and rough in lots of positions, he even sucks it with some A2M, he didn't realize that it was a fetish/taboo thing, he never thought about it until we pointed out post scene. So Brad did everything, that we would want out of a straight guy taking his first real cock, EXCEPT get hard, if anything his cock might have shrank some. Definitely believe he is 100 percent straight. Possibly more straight than he thinks he is himself, because post scene he wants to try it again he thinks it might have just be nerves and the lights and cameras and said he had a good time overall. Back to Weldon, frustrated at the end couldn't cum, and didn't know why, then we realized the numbing cream that Bradley used, affected him. Of course, when he used it with his girlfriend and her strapon that never was an issue and we didn't think anything about it, getting on a bare cock. I'm calling this scene a fail, but it definite has some moments of hotness watching a guy really just let himself be plowed for cash willingly even when it doesn't quite hit the spot.

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Lee TFeaturing: Lee TAdded 06/16/2022
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Straight urban stud with just a little bit of country boy in him, is just hear for some cash and to experience new things. A man of few words with big feet, decent cock and not shy at all about getting naked and jerking his cock as long as he is getting paid.

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Chase Gunner MassageFeaturing: Chase GunnerAdded 06/09/2022
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Chase Gunner is back and he is really horny, before filming this scene he played around with Jacki Love orally and really got himself riled up. I massage him and spread his cheeks, he is more comfortably being touched and showing his manhole now. Apparently his girlfriend gets a little freaky even though it sounds like he pretends not to like it, he does say he is used to it. Haha, I didn't pick up on her being a domme when i met her but sounds like she might be. I tell him to stroke his cock for a moment to get going and before I can get in to manhandled him he shoots his load without even giving me a heads up! It's funny and frustrating in the moment, but still pretty hot how horned up he was!

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