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Chandler Harris Cody Hans Pt2Featuring: Chandler Harris, Cody HansAdded 12/31/2020
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Part 2 of Cody and Chandler Hill starts off with Cody doing his first ass to mouth technically, because he starts sucking on Chandler, while the condom is still on his cock. He did it all on his own even though that wasn't something on his TO-DO list, he didn't realize it until it was already too late, and I joked with him about it. Taking the condom off he gets back to sucking, on that fat cock. Great long shots of Chandler lying back showing off his furry chest and hairy armpits here. Then Cody tries to get on top but it doesnt work and then he gets back in his favorite position of doggy. Chandler is a sweet top, where Cody wants to be a very submissive power bottom, he wants to get REKT'd and dominated with the cock. In a hilarious moment, when Chandler asks again, if Cody is ok, Cody snaps "YES". Mr. Hans, likes to be railed mercillessly and relentlessly, which Chandler has the stamina and cock to do, but he also doesn't like to be a mean and heartless top. It is hot for those voyeuristic types that like to see realistic sex between relative strangers when things don't go quite right but still turns out very entertaining. Things that we learned about Cody is that we need mean dominant tops that won't make Cody get on top, and that won't stop to ask if he is ok while they rail him mercilessly. He says he knows the safe word if he needs it but he doesnt think he ever well since he enjoys sex the most when he has been fucked into subspace, at least when he is bottoming for a male. He is the total opposite with females, it is an interesting thing to watch, and quite sexy if you are into it.

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Ranzor Tate Xmas 2020Featuring: Ranzor TateAdded 12/24/2020
Avg Rating Average Rating: 3 Average Rating: 3 Average Rating: 3 Average Rating: 3 Average Rating: 3
Ranzor Tate is back and stuck at home for the holidays. Always a showman he made a sexy quickie jerk off for his fans. His huge cock and hairy chest along with a festive outfit makes for a sexy year end holiday scene.

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Chandler Harris Cody Hans Pt1Featuring: Chandler Harris, Cody HansAdded 12/17/2020
Avg Rating Average Rating: 5 Average Rating: 5 Average Rating: 5 Average Rating: 5 Average Rating: 5
Cody gets a hard core bareback banging from a sexy older hairy daddy, some sexy shots of both of their feet as they fuck and some great shots of Cody's intense face as he takes Chandler Harris's cock in multiple positions until they both need a break from the heat that they've built up in the room.

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