Jack Hoff

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Description: "I met this straight guy, when he came in the day before with his girlfriend to film a straight scene. He was cracking jokes and making everyone in the room laugh, so of course I invited him to come back the next day and film a solo scene. He was alot less confident without his girlfriend there, but he still tried to play it off like he was relaxed, but the nerves were pretty visible when I had him get on all fours to show his ass off. Which I know from the fan mails that some of you viewers really like the nervous ones.

Plus he's ex-military, so the nerves still didn't affect his performance even though he said shooting a solo scene was harder than he thought it would be. He did a great job and shot a nice thick load. Of course, I made him lay in it for awhile, so he ended up playing in his own cum while he waited for a towel. Fingers-crossed he'll be back for a manhandling scene one day. I want to get my hands on that chubby butt and those little size 8 feet."
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