Ramrod Manhandled

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Description: Blue collar stud, stayed around to do a manhandling scene, he decided to do it spur of the moment when I offered it to him. He was absolutely positive that he wouldn't cum with a guy stroking him. I told him that he'd get paid anyway even if he didn't, so he decided to go for it since he was there and the cash was easy, he even enjoyed the massage while he watched some of the erotica that I've shot with females involved. He quickly realizes when I start stroking his dick that I'm definitely no stranger to jerking off straight guys, because he feels that load coming pretty quickly. I tell him to hold off for a few more minutes and he does manage too. The best part is when after he has a pretty intense orgasm, from my handjob, he says. "I didn't expect that to happen". I jokingly tell him that his cock was made for porn no matter what his mind thought that he cock would do. ha. Again this was shot the same day as the solo so some of the request ideasa that I received after the solo went up are still on my list and I will definitely try and get him back and fulfill some of those requests if he is willing.


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