Johnny Z Fondled

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Description: This straight daddy, threw me off balance a bit. I never expected him to agree so quickly to any kind of manhandling. Ex-military, no nonsense and very into the women when I've shot in in straight scenes, he brought that same attitude to his first fondling by a guy. He'd never been massaged by a guy before, and even with women, he didn't think it was that great, he just wanted to "fuck" them. Haha, It probably helped that he saved up at least "three days" to make sure he made his money. For those, of you that love uber masculine older guys both with belly and muscle, he checks the boxes. Laying on his stomach, he has a firm ass and very nice legs. On his back, he has a nice big furry belly, and an excellent hard cock. Now, that I know how open-minded he is need to see what else he is up to try out.

Johnny Z

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