Blaze Manhandled

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Description: Football jock, Blaze is back. I was amazed that he agreed to be manhandled, but he reasoned that they were massaged by the sports therapists all the time, and this wouldn't be too much different. Of course, my massages include straight butthole tickling and a handjob, but I wasn't going to argue.

Blaze's ass is 100 percent beef when I tried to spread it, it took considerable effort! I even asked if he was clenching on purpose and he said no. I guess he'd just done legs earlier in the day.

It was a pleasure rubbing all over his furry body and it was easy stroking his fat cock, as well. He had speculated that a handjob from a male might be ""non-productive"" but had no problems at all, he was amazed at how good it felt. This is one manhandling that I would like to repeat.


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